Inform, Support, Reform initiative raises awareness

AUS: Hoor Al Ansaari is an active member in several clubs at AUS.

By Maryam Ansari 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah students and members of the Inform, Support, Reform initiative are raising students’ awareness on issues of sexual misconduct.

“ISR is the first initiative that raises awareness about taboo topics such as sexual misconduct, it is the support each student needs,” said Hoor Al Ansaari, co-chair of ISR.

According to Al Ansaari, her role as co-chair made her want to reach out to AUS students more. She said that she wanted to take part in big events, so people felt comfortable in case an incident took place.

Al Ansaari advised students to “come out of the shadows, try to seek help no matter how society would look at you.” 

She emphasized the importance of talking about one’s feelings and not being ashamed of what one has gone through.

She said that people who experienced sexual misconduct can contact the hotline for sexual misconduct, Sharjah Police, Dubai Police and AUS security.

“We must keep in mind that each situation is unique,” said Maryam Alfalasi, deputy media coordinator of ISR.