Jameel Art Career Fair, Dubai


Jameel Art Holds 1st Career Fair

By Hala Nasar

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Jameel Arts Centre hosted its first annual career fair festival, Creative Careers Days, for high school and university students in the United Arab Emirates on Oct. 23 and 24. 

The event, titled “So, You Want to Work in the Arts?” is inspired by the needs of students in the UAE and is dedicated to helping them explore a career in the arts. Art Jameel organized it in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

“Since students don’t often have access to role models in the industry, we created a match-making event for young people to meet professionals in the industry and universities,” said Antonia Carver, director of Art Jameel.

“Working with and nurturing the youth is part of our mandate here at Jameel,” she added.

Visitors of the festival are lined up for the “career surgery” station and other booths.

The fair featured 30 booths of organizations and universities that specialize in the arts. 

“The event has tapped into a thirst for young people to connect, and the industry itself is so excited to meet these young people,” said Carver. 

A “career surgery” station allowed visitors to get industry-professional advice on navigating the creative career world.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for helping aspiring creatives learn about the different career pathways that they can take, and a collaborative effort that brings all the art organizations under one roof,” said Arfa Shahid, public relations associate at Rouya Public Relations Consultancy.

Other programs including informative workshops, inspirational talks and art gallery tours were offered throughout the two-day festival.