Centuries-old Emirati house still stands


By Hind Aldah

SHARJAH, UAE – One of the oldest houses in the United Arab Emirates remains an important historical attraction, says a local tour guide. 

Hamdan Alshammakhi, a tour guide at Bait Al Naboodah museum, said that the house is considered one of the oldest still standing houses in Sharjah.

Alshammakhi added that the museum gives a sample of the traditional Emirati house. He said that the museum shows the importance of the pearl industry in the UAE. 

According to Alshammakhi, the architecture and design of the house also makes it a special landmark in Sharjah.

“Most of the elements were brought from outside the country,” he said. Alshammakhi added that the owner of the house brought 24 columns from India to be placed in his home. 

The house belonged to Obaid Al Naboodah, an important pearl merchant in the 19th century, according to the Sharjah Museums Authority. 

The museum is one of many museums and attractions managed by SMA to preserve Sharjah’s heritage.

Entrance to the Bait Al Naboodah museum. COURTESY Hind Aldah