Caring for a Cat


By Maria Ceriani Jasa

When people first adopt a cat, a lot of them don’t know some basic things about how to take care of their animal. This infographic shows the three main categories of basic cat knowledge: Grooming and hygiene, health benefits and having fun, and owning a cat with other pets. For the first category, the pet owner must learn that their cat’s nails must be cut when they become long so they animal doesn’t hurt themselves when scratching. They must brush its hair daily to avoid hairballs and bathe them once a year or when they are dirty to avoid illnesses. The animal must eat a well-balanced healthy diet along with drinking fresh water daily. Lastly, cats have what is called a litter box for them to do their business inside the home, this must be cleaned out daily, so it doesn’t smell. The second category is about the health benefits cats bring humans and how to have fun with them. Cats help humans reduce anxiety and improve their immune system. To spend more time with their cat, they can play with them with cat toys, and watch them scratch their nails at the scratching post.