Jameel Arts Centre


By Donia Ibrahim

Dubai, UAE- Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai, which is the first non-government art institution in the Gulf, is home to contemporary art exhibitions.

The architecture of the institution, which is designed by United Kingdom-based Serie Architects, comprises a multifunctional approach, allowing for maximum curatorial flexibility for exhibitions. 

The three floors of gallery and screening spaces of the institution are designed to accommodate a variety of exhibition settings, including both small- and large-scale works. 

A sculpture with a vase stands in the middle of an exhibition hall.

In addition to indoor exhibitions, Jameel also showcases sculpture installations outdoors.

The venue has a research library that has over 3,000 books on art and design history, exhibition history and contemporary art theories.

Jameel Arts Centre also offers several workshops aiming to encourage the youth to pursue art careers and to assist them in developing and presenting their artistic portfolios. The programs held include an array of activities hosted by key artists and art professionals. 

The art center also hosts seminars that provide visitors with professional training and information about the local creative industry. These workshops often feature motivational talks and educational workshops.