New Desert Pop-up Cafés open in Al Faya


By Zahra Rashid

Sharjah, UAE – Two new pop-up cafés opened in Al Faya Desert in Sharjah this winter season.

The Few Café and The Uncommon cafés are the latest addition to three other pop-up shops that have opened in deserts across the United Arab Emirates.  

Ntale Deusdedit, who started working at Few Café when it opened in November, said he thinks this is because “the temperatures become very low so the atmosphere is good [in the desert] for camping out and enjoying warm drinks.”

Deusdedit, pointing to the fire pit with the warm bonfire burning at the front of Few Café, said “as you can see here, we have a camp fire for this reason.”

Along with the bonfire, the pop-up also has colorful tables, chairs and bean bags for customers to dine and socialize. 

“We have people from all nationalities coming to our café and we love to speak to them and create a fun community out here in the desert,” said Deusdedit. 

A few minutes away stands another new café called The Uncommon. 

In contrast to Few, this pop-up has a more modern design with a large mirror situated on the side for customers to take pictures in the reflection. 

Batool Bano, who visited the café with her husband, said she loved the idea and took such beautiful pictures “because the mirror reflects the whole desert and the mountains in the background.”

She compared this café to Not A Space, a desert pop-up café in the same area that has been operating for three years, every winter. 

The café is known for its futuristic theme, attempting to replicate the surface of Mars. This year’s edition of Not A Space features a stage in the center for live entertainment.

Racquel Tara, the business support manager, said visitors can enjoy performances from local talents. 

“We are open for everyone and we love maintaining a fun atmosphere till the late hours of the night,” said Tara.