ECC impresses audience with cultural performances


By Carine George

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Four male performers carried a throne with the Egyptian Goddess Isis seated on it in the Egyptian Cultural Club’s Pharaonic dance on Global Day at the American University of Sharjah on March 10.

AUS Egyptian student Farah Diab played the role of Isis, wearing a white dress, attended by nine women in black dresses and golden wings. 

Eighteen students (nine men and nine women) performed a Pharaonic dance representing Giza, then four more dances representing the cities of Luxor, Nubia, Upper Egypt, and Alexandria. 

ECC Executive Assistant Laura Grant and former President Alaa Tarek trained the performers for more than a month for this large event. Habiba Saeed, an Egyptian student and amateur choreographer, also helped during the practice sessions. 

Asel Abunayla, a student from Gulf Medical University who attended the event, said “each dance represented the country in a beautiful poem, it put us all in an amazing mood.” 

She added “it was so much fun to celebrate our cultural diversity and we could see how much effort was put in by organizers and the dancers. The energy was so infectious, it made us want to jump in and join them.”

All performers joined in during the finale which was performed on Amr Diab’s song Baladna Ya Helwa (Our Beautiful Country).