ASC kiosk initiative reaches over 400 students


By Jana Samy 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH — To spread awareness about their services and assist students, the Academic Support Center at the American University of Sharjah held a multi-day Pop Up Kiosk event from March 6-9.

Academic Support Centre Director Rasha Tawfik said “the pop-up event is a new initiative that started this semester.” She added that the event serves a “dual purpose,” to “represent the ASC… as well as to connect with students, including first years.”

Following the theme “ASC Will Come Home to You,” the kiosk was set up for a day in each college, making it accessible to everyone. Tawfik said organizers were able to connect with about 425 students throughout the week.

On Monday, the kiosk appeared in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Chemistry Building rotunda. The First Year Experience coordinator was available to answer questions. ASC staff, peer mentors, FYE ambassadors, and officers from Alpha Lambda Delta (the honor society for first-year students) also attended the event. 

According to Tawfik, the CAS kiosk brought out about 100 students throughout the first day. She noted that as well as engaging in informative conversations, students were able to participate in 12 activities and win prizes. 

ASC advertised the events via email, social media platforms such as Instagram, and posters around the university.