Students tie-dye lab coats, bags for chemistry festival

ACS Public Relations Coordinator Abdelhamid Khodja with a tie-dyed tote bag made during one of several chemistry festival events (SALMA GHALWASH PHOTO)

By Salma Ghalwash

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Over 30 American University of Sharjah students tie-dyed tote bags, shirts and lab coats near the Chemistry Building on March 13 as part of an annual week-long chemistry festival.

The American Chemical Society chapter at AUS organized a series of events for “ChemFest,” which is celebrated internationally at all ACS chapters.

ACS Public Relations Coordinator Abdelhamid Khodja said that the tie-dying activity was part of a larger initiative to promote public appreciation of chemistry.

“Tie-dyeing is a fascinating example of the practical applications of chemistry in our daily lives,” said Khodja. The dye reacts with fibers in the fabric to form strong chemical bonds, he added.

According to Khodja, eco-friendly dyes and sustainable tie-dyed clothes can “contribute to reducing the environmental impact of textile production.”