Long-standing AUS smoking policies remain in place


By Nadine Sayed

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Although many students may not be aware of it, the American University of Sharjah has had tough anti-smoking policies in place for more than a decade.

Though students may encounter frequent signs of its violation, in bathrooms for example, the policy is long-standing. 

According to Feras Al Salem of the Office of Safety and Crisis Management, smoking has been banned on campus since about 2008.

The policy prohibits smoking by students, staff members, faculty, visitors, dependents, contractors and vendors. 

According to AUS documents, AUS Security office personnel are responsible for enforcing and communicating this policy, which aims to maintain a healthy environment at AUS by protecting all AUS members from experiencing second-hand smoke.

Smoking policy violation fines start at AED 50. If repeated violations are occurred by students, they will be reported and handled by Judicial Affairs. Faculty and staff violations will be addressed by Human Resources.