How can MMA impact your daily life?

AUS student Yahia Shahin, a competitor in Jiu-Jitsu, said working hard with his team made him feel more confident

By Jad Omar

For many people, Mixed Martial Arts have the potential to change their lives. There is something about the sport that can inspire and motivate you, whether you are a fighter or a fan. Fighting in MMA can test a fighter’s limits and reveal their potential. Being a good combat sports athlete requires discipline, commitment and effort. Fighters not only get to compete nationally and internatiolly, but they also acquire self-assurance and self-worth.  For fans, watching MMA may be a way to unwind from the pressures of daily life and lose themselves in an action-packed experience. People might be inspired to be their best selves by the sport’s exceptional athletes and their inspiring stories. 

AUS student Salma Abdelkarim, believes that boxing has made her more confident.

At some point in my life, I was shy, quiet and very insecure about myself.  I knew there was a way to get out of this bubble and I was looking for that one solution that ended up changing my life completely. Eventually, I started practicing different martial arts until I realized that I’m improving, and that MMA made me happier. As time passed by, my confidence improved.  I also started making friends, even though at the beginning I felt like an outcast. 

MMA training can lower your risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and help you lose weight.

It doesn’t end here; there are many lives that MMA has positively impacted. Yahia Shahin, a competitor in Jiu-Jitsu at the American University of Sharjah, said working hard with his team made him feel more confident and if a situation arose in which he may need to defend himself or others, he would know what to do. He added that it also helped him be more organized and structured. 

“It makes you a good role model for your future kids,” Shahin said. Shahin also became more conscious about his food habits to make sure he is in peak condition.

Salma Abdelkarim, a freshman at AUS, said that boxing made her more confident and helped her become friends with other athletes. Abdelkarim said that it felt good to become friends with other athletes as they “have similar mindsets.” She said that boxing also helped her with quick thinking as the sport is all about fast reactions and creating a successful gameplan to defeat your opponent.

 “Being a woman and being able to defend yourself makes you feel more secure,” Abdelkarim added.

The discipline, attention and mental toughness needed for MMA training can boost your confidence, help you to deal with stress.

There can be many reasons why an individual starts practicing MMA. To begin with, some individuals are compelled to participate in the activity by the thrill of the competition and the sensation of pushing their bodies to the maximum. The ultimate test of a person’s physical and mental fortitude is MMA. You can develop the confidence and fighting skills you need to feel safe and comfortable by training on various martial arts and learning how to defend yourself in a range of scenarios. Some people take pleasure in the sport’s fitness component since it helps them maintain their health. 

Combat sports can help with other aspects of one’s life, not just fighting. It can be a way to boost one’s confidence. MMA also imparts valuable life lessons like self-control, respect and determination. It involves intense training; thus, participants must be dedicated. Respect is another fundamental principle in MMA. MMA can help people develop resilience by teaching them how to push through hardship and tough workouts. Additionally, it might provide one a feeling of belonging. MMA gyms offer a friendly, encouraging environment where people can meet others who share their enthusiasm for the sport. For those who participate in the sport, MMA can improve both physical and mental health. Although it might not be for everyone, those who are willing to give it a shot can discover that MMA can be a transformative experience.