RCC eyeing unique treats for Global Day distribution


By Dana Al Bukay

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The American University of Sharjah’s Russian Cultural Club decided at its September meeting to feature sweets unique to that country to help introduce its culture to students at the next Global Day.

The club’s eight-member board favored buying stocks of Ptichye Moloko and Zephyr, two marshmallow-like sweets unique to Russia, in preparation for the annual event held each spring semester.

Ptichye Moloko (bird’s milk) is a chocolate-coated, milk-flavored spongy candy from the Soviet era. 

Zephyr, made of sugared fruit purée and egg whites, is a light dessert similar to meringue in texture. 

RCC President Kheda Khadzieva said, “It is important to let other students explore Slavic cuisine at such diverse events.”