Sports ‘Battle of the Colleges’ opens Oct. 16


By Jad Omar

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah’s Students Athletics and Recreations Department is organizing a “Battle of the Colleges” sports tournament at the Sports Facilities from Oct. 16-26. 

The top three winners will receive medals and trophies for their effort.

AUS student Tala Terro said faculty members and students are going to represent their respective colleges. She added that the College of Arts and Sciences has collected 126 people, making 13 teams in total.  

According to Terro, students, faculty, staff and alumni will be able to participate in the tournament. She said that coaches will be in attendance to motivate the teams. 

This event “offers a setting where students can connect with their professors outside the classroom,” said Terro.

“It fosters campus unity, encourages social interaction and promotes healthy competition,” she added.