AUS celebrates 52nd UAE National Day


By Salma Ghalwash

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The Sharjah Police Band played the national anthem to celebrate the 52nd National Day of the United Arab Emirates at the American University of Sharjah on Nov. 22.

“This occasion is not only important, but it is a reflection of the insight and vision of our founding fathers and their strong commitment to the unification of the UAE,” Emirati Cultural Club President Yousef Algargawi said to a crowd of thousands of people.

In collaboration with the ECC, the Office of Student Affairs organized the event, which had a series of Quran recitations, musical performances and traditional dances. 

AUS alumnus and singer Rashid Al Nuaimi sang in both English and Arabic. ECC Sports Coordinator Khalifa Albah and International Studies junior Omar Alali performed an Emirati song on the guitar and piano.

“I loved the performances and it was great to see the different people who were interested in joining us,” said Khalid Al Araimi, the ECC Vice-President.

Attendees queued for specialty coffee vendors as well as traditional Emirati foods like “luqaimat,” or fried dough balls, and “regag” bread.

Local clothing businesses like the brand VMS showcased and sold colorful abaya designs.

Another pop-up booth, Around Our Freej, marketed a card game based on Emirati folklore.

A walk-through gallery displayed student and alumni artwork. The installations, paintings, graphite drawings and photography highlighted the country’s culture and national identity.