Dubai Police Experts Share Expertise with AUS Students


Dr. Fatin Samara presented glass trophies to forensic expert Asma Askar and 1st Lieutenant Abdulla Aljanaahi at the end of the lecture.

By Leen Nidal Al-Otaibi

University City, SHARJAH— Dubai police experts gave a lecture on firearms and associated chemical evidence at the American University of Sharjah to students on Nov. 14. 

Expert Asma Askar and 1st Lieutenant Abdulla Aljanaahi shared their knowledge on the latest techniques and technologies used in firearms’ analysis in CHM 113.

Aljanaahi is an AUS alumni who majored in chemistry and works at Dubai Police as part of the Forensic Lab and Criminology unit. 

Aljanaahi said, “AUS will always be a part of me,” as he thanked Professor Fatin Samara for the warm welcome. 

Askar emphasized the importance of firearm analysis and said, “although we don’t get many firearms cases in the UAE, it is important to know how to deal with such cases; last year, we only got three, and they were all accidental.”

AUS students and faculty appreciated the visit from Dubai Police.

Dr. Samara said, “the collaboration between experts at the Dubai Police Forensic Lab and Criminology Unit and AUS highlights the growing partnership between academic institutions and law enforcement agencies in the UAE, aiming to enhance educational experiences with practical insights from the field.”