Campus efforts for Gaza net 400K in donations

A display table at a recent CAAD fundraising effort (TALA ZOUBI PHOTO)

By Sabah Zaheer

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH— The Student Council, often in collaboration with the Palestinian Cultural Club, has raised about AED 400,000 for Gaza charity organizations and is planning more fundraising events.

Student Council President Mira Daoud said charities benefiting from AUS support include Tarahum of Gaza – its name means “compassion” in Arabic – and Emirates Red Crescent. An “AUS to Gaza with Love” event provided money for the Big Heart Foundation, she added.

Future events include a Feb. 10 “AUS Giving Day” to feature workshops, a marketplace and entertainment. The proceeds will be donated to a scholarship fund towards children in Gaza, she said.

“It’s incredible how every event has been met with so much love and enthusiasm from students towards the Gaza relief programme,” Daoud said.

Many students, she said, have been wearing the keffiyeh around campus to show support.