Sharakah schools visit BCE labs

High school students are welcomed at the start of the Jan. 24 session (AUS PHOTO).

By Shaikha Almaazmi

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Around 350 students from 12 UAE high schools visited the American University of Sharjah campus Jan. 24 as part of the Sharakah School Program.

AUS introduced the program to establish a partnership with selected high schools. Its aim is to showcase the university’s various departments and areas of study to students in grades 10-12.

The January event was organized to focus on the pre-medical program and other science tracks like biology and chemistry that are offered by the Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences.

The students had the chance to do some first-hand experiments and look around the labs, said AUS Professor Sarah Dalibalta. She helped to introduce the pre-med initiative at AUS along with biology students who worked to prepare and execute the experimental part of the workshop.