Heavy rainfall forces return to remote learning

Mid-February rainfall caused AUS to switch temporarily to remote learning (SABAH ZAHEERr PHOTO).

By Annalisa Lewis

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Poor road conditions caused by heavy rains forced the American University of Sharjah to close Feb. 12 and 13, with classes conducted remotely instead of on-site.

To maintain uninterrupted service for students and campus residents, some units like the Facilities Department, UHS Medical Team and the AUS Call Center remained operational. The Student Center, the Sharjah Co-Op, the AUS Health Clinic, Sports Complex, and other campus locations also stayed open. 

A Multimedia student, Shrinidhi Mukund said, “It felt really nice to stay at home after a really long time, but it gave me PTSD and reminded me of COVID times, which wasn’t a good time.”

Face-to-face classes and regular administrative operations resumed Feb. 14.