IXO hosts ‘Feel Korea’ event

A professor from Sahmyook University helps a student wear the traditional Korean Hanbok (ANNALISA LEWIS PHOTO).

By Annalisa Lewis

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH- The International Exchange Office of the American University of Sharjah collaborated with Sahmyook University students from South Korea on Feb. 13, to educate AUS students about Korean culture through interactive activities. 

The “Feel Korea” event had all sorts of entertainment about their traditional food, clothing, arts, and traditions. The program started with students registering for the program by having their names written in Korean by a professor from Sahmyook University.  

One of the games they featured was Ppopgi (dalgona game), from the famous Korean show “Squid Games,” where the player’s goal is to extricate the shape indented on the candy with a thin needle given to them, without breaking the candy. They also played a traditional board game called Yunnori and a marble game, where they could win prizes. 

They had a variety of traditional Korean Hanboks for students to try on. The Hanbok is worn for celebrations, weddings, and birthdays. The event also featured a “Carrot Kimbap” making station. Students were given the ingredients to make this traditional Korean food along with guided instructions on how to make it. 

Other activities included an arts and crafts table, where people could make a small fluffy toy like a plushy, currently the trend in Korea among small kids, and bracelets as well.