AUS announces new Research Centers in CAS, CEN, and SBA


By Tala Zoubi 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Three research centers with their newly appointed directors will open soon to strengthen research abilities in three different American University of Sharjah colleges, according to a document distributed Jan. 30 by the Office of the Provost and Chief Academic Officer. 

Dr. Ali Alnaser, professor of physics, will direct the Materials Research Center (MRC) in the College of Arts and Sciences, which will research advanced materials and sustainable structures. 

According to AUS, “The center will focus on cutting-edge technological research” and is also meant to serve “be a hub for interdisciplinary research… bringing together experts from

various departments.”

Dr. Mostafa Shaaban, associate professor of electrical engineering, will direct the Energy, Water, and Sustainable Environment Research Center in the College of Engineering to address issues like climate change, renewable energy, and water resources.

“The EWSERC vision is to become a leading research center in developing innovative and efficient technologies and strategies that address UAE’s and global pressing energy, water, and environmental challenges while ensuring long-term sustainability,” according to AUS. 

Dr. Jay Squalli, professor of economics, will direct the Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable Development in the School of Business Administration.

CEISD will work with partners in Sharjah to help the AUS community grow ideas as a research center and “university-innovation facilitator,” according to AUS.