Al Riffaa celebrates Hag Al Laila

A woman gives a child a bag of candy during the Feb. 24 Hag Al Laila celebration in Al Riffaa (SHAIKHA ALMAAZMI PHOTO).

By Shaikha Almaazmi

SHARJAH – Hundreds of kids and adults celebrated Hag Al Laila in Al Riffaa town on Feb. 24.

Hag Al Laila is a traditional celebration in the Gulf countries. It occurs every year two weeks before the holy month of “Ramadan.” The celebration consists of kids roaming the streets and asking for candies from neighbors.

In Al Riffaa, the tradition involved giving candy bags to kids and local food to everyone such as Luqiamat and Khabisah, which are two different types of Emirati sweets, and also Riqqaq an Emirati bread. 

Locals were also seen performing old Emirati songs and dances like Al Razfa, which is usually done by a group of men with bamboo sticks.A new addition to Hag Al Laila was the costumes of Emirati cartoon characters such as Umm Khamas and Mayed.