Muwaileh Suburb Council opens food booths for Ramadan

Luqaimat, an Arabic sweet dumpling, for sale in Alnouf (SHAIKHA ALMAAZMI PHOTO).

By Shaikha Almaazmi

SHARJAH—Muwaileh Suburb Council has opened booths and invited licensed vendors, including families and small businesses, to sell food during Ramadan. 

The booths are placed in Alnouf town near the Muwaileh Suburb Council building and are open from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. daily for people to buy food for futoor, the meal after Maghreb, and suhoor, the meal before Fajr

All vendors must have a license from the Department of Economic Development to be able to trade. Many of them sell traditional foods, mostly eaten during the holy month, such as chami, thereed, marquqa, harees, and many more.

A section of the area is dedicated to making fresh foods like luqaimat, an Arabic sweet dumpling, and reqaq, a thin crunchy bread. 

The “iftar cannon,” is also part of the place; it is one of the oldest Ramadan traditions. Every day, before the Maghreb prayer call, the cannon fires a single shot to notify people that it is time to break their fast.

The booths will stay until the end of Ramadan.