Residential halls work to ease sense of Ramadan away from home


By Bissane El Sayed

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The American University of Sharjah’s residential halls organized activities to ease students’ homesickness during Ramadan. 

Dormitory coordinators and residential assistants (RA) prepared group Iftars, activities, and student gatherings throughout the holy month for students living on campus. Residential halls’ organizers decorated the hallways, rotundas, and reception desks with Ramadan-themed displays.  

Melanie El Set, an AUS student spending her third Ramadan residing on campus, described Ramadan far from home as somewhat lacking the main spirit.

“Ramadan is all about togetherness and being around family and people you love,” she said. 

El Set added “many of our residential assistants make sure to come up with all sorts of activities that will help dorm residents feel like they’re not alone”

Yusr Mohamed, RA of the EF dormitory, said “the residential life department does a great job of decorating and hosting different events.” She added that group Iftars “create a sense of community and reinstates the feeling of Ramadan.”This year, students received a two-week break towards the end of the holy month. As a result, campus residents had the opportunity to experience the last 10 days of Ramadan and celebrate the Eid holiday with their families.