Food-ATM sells meals from 50 fils to 3 dirhams (with an 18 percent profit margin)

Owner Ayesha Khan takes customer orders at Food-ATM (TALA ZOUBI PHOTO)

By Tala Zoubi 

AJMAN, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Food-ATM sells 10-12,000 meals daily, ranging from 50 fils to 3 dirhams per meal, to low-income workers around the UAE. 

The owner of Food-ATM, Ayesha Khan, said “Our profit percentage, which is 18% on every sale, is constant despite any fluctuations in the market.” 

Khan purchases products close to expiry from wholesalers to keep operating costs low. 

In the holy month of Ramadan, customers from around the UAE purchase meals in bulk from the business for donations. 

Khan has received over 50 awards and recognition from the government and private sector and is a Guinness World Record holder. She said that what motivates her are “those smiles and thank-you’s coming from all those we help. Their food expenses are under control and lower than what they used to spend, allowing them to send more money home.”

Food ATM operates in Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and soon in Abu Dhabi.