“Game of Thrones”: Is it worth the hype?


By Dana Alomar 

“Game of Thrones” is a sensational rollercoaster ride of diversity and multiculturalism. It is a television series from the George R. R. Martin books “A Song of Ice and Fire.” It is one of the biggest TV shows in history that gives people both a realistic and unrealistic view of the world, from wars, dragons, to relationships. “Game of Thrones” is a way to learn about how the world was built by giving an overview of different cultures and ethnicities. It has tales that go beyond a person’s imagination, like people rising from the dead, and dragons. 

The series mirrors the political and social conflicts that the world has witnessed or is currently experiencing. Sexism, racism, and multiculturalism are all portrayed in it. The show itself is phenomenally intelligent; it created its own language. Although the series is perceived as unrealistic, people should still watch it because the storytelling gives an accurate representation of how politics was formed, and how people would make alliances in medieval times. The show is so unforeseeable that the viewers can never know a character’s true intentions. However, the character development in the series is so unpredictable that it hooks the audience. People should get out of their comfort zone and invest their time in watching “Game of Thrones” because it gives them a historical background about the world around them with a touch of imagination.