Athletics Dept. sponsors workout video competition

With campus closed, AUS students are competing against each other to produce the best home workout video (COURTESY PHOTO)

By Zeina Saleh

UNIVERSITY CITY – Safety precautions regarding the coronavirus outbreak led the Student Athletics and Recreation Department at the American University of Sharjah to start a contest for the best home workout video on March 18. 

The purpose of the competition is to keep students physically active during the suspension of activities and gym classes at the university. 

The contest ends on April 2 and the winner will receive a stack of supplements. 

Participants are required to send their home workout videos to the official AUS athletics Instagram page. The clips will be uploaded to showcase the competitors’ abilities.

Contestants used water gallons as a replacement for weights and rolls of toilet paper instead of footballs. 

Member of the AUS women’s football team Yousra Kadri said that she enjoyed watching how creative her peers were with their exercises. 

“Participating was a great way for me to get up and work out,” Kadri added. “The whole team is out of shape and this simple challenge made us all sore.”