Sony touts advanced features in new PlayStation

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By Karim Aziz Oghly

SHARJAH – Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 video game console will feature a state-of-the-art solid-state drive (SSD), backward compatibility, and ray tracing, said Lead System Architect Mark Cerny in a March 18 live-streamed conference.

According to Cerny, the company focused on developing an appropriate SSD, which in turn resulted in a storage mechanism that is substantially faster than their previous device.

Streamlining the user gaming experience by reducing wait times on loading screens motivated the change, Cerny said.

Cerny added that along with the new SSD, the PS5 will feature increased random-access memory and will utilize a more efficient compression algorithm to prevent a system bottleneck.

Additionally, the improved AMD built graphics processing unit in the PS5 will enable game developers to utilize new ray-tracing technologies.

Although Cerny did not reveal the cost of the system, he said, “we have a responsibility to our gaming audience to be cost-effective with regards to what we put in the console.”

Sony plans to launch the PS5 during the holiday season.