New recycling program to begin next semester

AUS Sustainability has also started collecting used alkaline batteries and Nespresso coffee pods.

By Merna Elashmawy 

Date: June 30 

SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates – The head of American University of Sharjah Sustainability said in an online interview with students from the Department of Mass Communication June 30 that her department will launch a new recycling program in the coming semester.  

Rose Armour said, “The rate of contamination at the university is above 50 percent. If you look, on average, at any dustbin on campus, 50 percent of the contents in there, were not supposed to be in there.”

The program will educate students and engage them with activities. The students could also win prizes like reusable bags. 

The office hopes to increase the rate of proper recycling and decrease the rate of contamination.

Armour said the office does not have a backup plan if the contamination rate stays the same or increases. They are hoping to educate students and help Be’aah, the environmental management company, decrease the amount of unrecyclable content.