AUS to Continue Educating Students on Contamination in Recycling

Rose Armour has worked with AUS Sustainability since 2017.

By Sama Samir Abdelbakki

Date: June 30 

SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates – The head of the American University of Sharjah’s Sustainability Office said in an online interview today with Mass Communication students that a new recycling campaign to educate students on contamination will be launched next semester. 

Rose Armour said, “We’ll be there to talk to students throughout the semester, and we will continue to do waste audits to see if we’re doing better.” 

The campaign, which will begin in the Engineering and Science Building, aims to educate students through games and fun activities. 

According to Armour, her department is planning to eliminate contamination and increase recycling by creating new signs that explain what waste belongs in which bin. They are also buying more bins to distribute them around campus. 

Sustainability is also expanding recycling through putting up a recycling station in the Student Center. 

In addition, the office is encouraging people to recycle batteries and Nespresso pods, as well as the basic items, such as paper and tin.