AUS readies for online voice recital

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By Abdul Nauman

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah’s Performing Arts Program will hold a virtual Student Recital on April 15 to display the applied voice students’ vocal abilities, as instructed by Dr. Sherri Weiler. 

In an interview on April 8, Weiler explained her plan to release a virtual voice concert where students will sing a collection of songs dating as far back as 1612 and as recent as 2019. 

Weiler went on to say that hosting online voice classes has been a challenge; however, her students have been able to adapt to produce the highest quality of work they can.

Private voice student Karim Hodroj-Remmel said in an interview on April 13 that students receive vocal pieces based on their ability to sing. For the Spring 2021 semester, his assigned works included a German song, as he is a native speaker of the language. 

He said his song, Auf dem Rhein by Robert Schumann, was especially significant to him as the song is about the Rhine River in Germany, and he grew up living next to the same river.

The pieces are recorded individually at each student’s own pace, where they sing along to a recorded backing track played by piano and studio instructor Dr. Jelena Dukic.

Hodroj-Remmel said he recorded his songs through an Audio Technica microphone, fed into an audio-digital converter. They were then edited on Adobe Audition, where he lines up his singing with the backing track provided by Dukic. 

The event will premiere on the Performing Arts Program’s YouTube channel on April 15.