Coffee Museum


Journalism student Menatalla Shawky reports on the Coffee Museum.

AJMAN- The Coffee Museum located in Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai combines the culture and history of coffee, and it is the go-to place for coffee lovers around the country.

The museum has two floors.  

The ground floor displays antiques and tools used to make coffee from regions of the world.

The Middle Eastern antique exhibit showcases artifacts related to coffee in the United Arab Emirates. 

The ground floor also has a Majlis that offers a glimpse into Emirati coffee tradition. 

Miniature versions of the artifacts and the antiques, which are displayed in the museum, are available for purchase in the gift shop.  

The Ethiopian corner allows visitors to enjoy freshly brewed traditional coffee.

According to the museum’s website, coffee originated in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, coffee aficionados could learn about the origins and roots of the beverage through a collection of books and manuscripts.