“Lameet Ramadan” at City Center Al Zahia, Sharjah


“Lameet Ramadan” by journalism student Sarah Al Saeid

SHARJAH – “Lameet Ramadan” at City Center Al Zahia is welcoming families to an exclusive Ramadan celebration that combines culture, games, arts and food from all over the Arab world. 

The exhibition offers a variety of sections such as “Kan Ya Makan,” “Ramadan Doodle” and “Sahat Al Hara.”

The Arabic culture of “Hakawatis” was the inspiration behind “Kan Ya Makan.”

“Visitors listen to the “Hakawati Bu Khaled” while relaxing on bean bags or treat themselves to something sweet from the “Bu Fares Grocery and Sweets” corner.”

Kids can draw, color and create Ramadan-inspired crafts in the “Ramadan Doodle” section dedicated to them.

Additionally, the section includes a “Ramadan Doodle Wall.”  

In “Sahat Al Hara” section, visitors can play Tawla and Carrom, two traditional board games played using “carrommen,” also known as checkers or coins.

According to the exhibition’s description of Carrom, “playing Carrom has always been about building a community, especially during Ramadan, when families would stay up late into the night, talking and playing with each other until suhoor.”  

“Lameet Ramadan” is open from 7:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. for the duration of the holy month.