SCC movie event to feature ‘You Will Die at Twenty’

Courtesy Image

By Ludan Abdelrahman

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The American University of Sharjah’s Sudanese Cultural Club has announced its yearly movie night event, which will be held virtually on May 3. 

The club president, ElFatih Mahgoub, specified that registration to attend the event is not required, and anyone is welcome to join at anytime with no restrictions. 

Mahgoub said that the two goals of this event are to host a stress-free activity that eases the academic pressure students are currently going through, and to bring together the Sudanese community in AUS by screening a film – “You Will Die at Twenty” – which has become a huge part of the culture.

The event is going to last approximately two hours, which is the duration of the film.

The president of the SCC hopes that whoever attends the events gets to enjoy their time and come back for future events.