Studio Gallery Celebrates Student Work


Journalism student Dalal Awienat reports on Al Zahia Studio Gallery

By Dalal Awienat

SHARJAH, UAE- The Archival Narratives are one of the latest art pieces displayed at The Studio Art Gallery. 

The Studio Art Gallery displays artworks by university students across Sharjah. The gallery is home to over 30 pieces of artwork ranging from paintings to digital artwork. A variety of handmade sculptures and statues are displayed in the center of the showroom. Some pieces are hung on the walls and others are placed on easels around the gallery. 

The gallery also includes pieces by professors and academic instructors who currently work at the American University of Sharjah and the University of Sharjah. Quick Response codes are placed under or next to each piece. The codes provide a description of the artwork and more information about the artist. 

Art workshops and interactive classes are offered by students and faculty members.  Sessions are held in the back room of the gallery. 

The Studio Art Gallery is in the main plaza of Al Zahia mall. It is a 10-minute drive from University City. The gallery will be open until the end of the month.