Club empowers women at AUS

Tala Niem, 18, is a sophomore studying International Studies, and she runs the activities and events of the Women Empowerment Club.

By Aseel Jamil Al Hashash

SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates –Women Empowerment Activities Coordinator, Tala Niem, said career events empower women in an interview conducted Monday at the American University of Sharjah.

According to Niem, the Women Empowerment Club holds an online event every month to talk about women in different careers. 

In the last couple of months, they held events in collaboration with other clubs on women in business and women in engineering. These events included interactive games, discussion on gender inequality and women’s achievements around the world, she added. 

The club is often mistaken for being only for feminists and women, but it is open to all at AUS, added Niem.

“Since the beginning of the semester until now, the Women Empowerment Club provides a safe place for all people at the university,” said Niem.

The club is easy to join, she added. Interested parties can join through by using the AUS VPN. The club also has an Instagram account, wec_aus, on which they post upcoming events and informational posts.