Football Team Returns after 2-year Break

Coach Essam Abu Touk sits in his office, wearing the AUS jersey.

By Hala Chaaban

SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates — American University of Sharjah football coach, Essam Abu Touk said during the interview on Oct. 20 that the football team is back. 

“Every time we lose, we come back stronger and this is why we have been offered to participate in global competitions even during the corona pandemic,” said Abu Touk.

According to Abu Touk, the AUS’ boys football team is known for being competitive and for their consistency. They always succeed in securing one of the top three spots in most of the competitions. 

The team has played against global universities outside the country that have professional club players, he added.

The team never stopped training even during lockdown. They trained every day and these practices included: e-sports, daily workout and juggling. They even participated in the virtual e-sport competition of the American University of New York. 

The coach finds it hard to maintain the team’s performance every year because new students join while others leave so they need to learn the new rules and plans. 

Abu Touk played as a professional footballer for eight years and studied sports as his major.  He has been working at AUS for 11 years now.