Al-Hisn Museum showcases National Archives


Journalism student Jana Aljamal reports on the archival collection in Al-Hisn Museum, Sharjah.

By Jana Faisal Aljamal 

SHARJAH—Al-Hisn museum in Sharjah showcases a wide collection of archives and artifacts to demonstrate Sharjah’s recent history.

The museum was originally the government’s headquarters. Al-Qawasim ruling family resided there as early as 1823. The historical landmark was renovated in 1996 and opened to the public in 2015.  

Through its collection of archival documents, Al-Hisn depicts Sharjah’s foreign affairs during the British rule. For example, the museum showcases hand-written treaties between the Trucial States and Bahrain that date back to 1820. The treaties pertain to the requirements Arab ships needed to fulfill in order to sail the Gulf without risking getting attacked. Also, the museum displays a series of letters from the Somali leaders to Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr in 1837, asking him to aid Somalia in its fight against the British. 

Documents and artifacts relating to the unification of the United Arab Emirates are exhibited in a dedicated room on the second floor. These include the unification treaty, the UAE’s first constitution, as well as videos and photographs of the Independence Day. 

The government of Sharjah has digitalized all archival documents in the museum and opened them to public access.