Ministry grants AUS rare ‘high confidence’ status

Image Credit: Courtesy AUS

By Amna Nasir

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education has awarded the American University of Sharjah a “high confidence” rating, a status which confers significant benefits, AUS’s chancellor reported in a Nov. 14 message to faculty and staff.

Dr. Susan Mumm noted that the ministry rating means AUS’s “review cycles have been extended from four to seven years, institutional accreditation reviews will be simplified, and new program applications will be fast-tracked.” 

She added that AUS is one of only five UAE universities to receive “high confidence” status.

Describing her own report to the Oct. 24 Board of Trustees meeting, Mumm wrote that the session was held in “hybrid” mode, and included discussion of her priorities as AUS chancellor. These include focusing on student experience; expanding community engagement; improving campus sustainability (including AUS becoming a net-zero university); and enhancing the university’s national and international reputation.

Student numbers “are tracking as expected, with significant growth at the doctoral level,” she added. 

Other topics discussed included possible awarding of honorary degrees; establishing a Women’s Leadership Center; and forming a committee to mark AUS’s Silver Jubilee.