Youth Enterprise iBakery Café is an Evolving Business


Journalism student Poojaraj Maniyeri reports on iBakery, a successful youth venture.

By Poojaraj Maniyeri

SHARJAH – iBakery Café is a youth enterprise that began as a home venture by two university students and is now a rising business. 

It was established as a home business in 2013 and the café was opened in 2018. The sisters and joint owners, Asma and Amna Mohamed Safar, were university students when they first opened the business. They have graduated since then.

Specialty coffee, breakfast and desserts are available at the iBakery Café. 

The owners supported each other to manage academics along with running the café. Amna said that “as sisters, we always try to have each other’s backs.” 

Amna said that in iBakery, “we always try to give people the experience of good comfort food with good coffee in a nice cozy place.” 

The owners managed every aspect in the café themselves. Amna said that they oversaw “setting the menu, designing the whole place, logo [and] packaging.”

The café closed for around a month at the beginning of the pandemic. They soon re-opened with the safety measures. Amna said that business began to pick up since then.