Candy Store Draws Inspiration from Fairytale


Journalism student Poojaraj Maniyeri reports on a candy store that keeps a fairytale alive.

By Poojaraj Maniyeri

DUBAI – Hans and Gretel, located in Mirdif City Center, is a confectionary shop based on a German fairytale. 

Established in February 2021, the store has food items such as sweets, desserts and signature items like the chimney cake. 

Staff member Angeli Medrano said that customers “can choose the cone, sprinkles, toppings and flavor of the ice cream.” 

She added that the customers choose the ingredients they want and the customer can view the staff preparing their food accordingly in front of them. A variety of desserts such as ice cream, donuts, waffle cones and others can be customized at Hans and Gretel.

The interior of the shop draws inspiration from the German fairytale by the Brothers Grimm, Hans and Gretel. The front of the store is designed like the countryside house from the fairytale. The store includes an area modeled as a room in the fairytale house with an LED light fireplace, a large model of a cooking pot and old-fashioned seats. 

Medrano said that some children refuse to come into the room because they fear the witch in the fairytale.

Hans and Gretel has games where customers can collect souvenirs. 

Medrano said that “not only children but teenagers, adults, parents, grandparents are all interested” to come to the shop.