Emirati Poets Join AUS National Day Celebrations

Several tents display the UAE’s traditional clothing, games and household items.

By Hala Chaaban

SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates – Emirati poets joined the United Arab Emirates 50th National Day celebrations at the American University of Sharjah on Nov. 24.

The event was held by the Emirati Cultural Club on campus after the COVID-19 break. 

The event opened with a marching band, followed by the traditional ‘Yola’ dance and several other performances. 

“The Emirati poets that joined the event was a very nice addition as no one expected it,” said Dana Esam, sophomore marketing student. 

“The variety of activities made it very interesting and enjoyable,” she added.

Cafes and clothing brands sold their items and food. The event also included traditional Emirati abayas and sweets. 

Giveaways such as scarves were handed to students who participated in activities. 

“The National Anthem played by the instrumental band is something new and interesting,” said Nour Hosam, electrical engineering junior student.  

Posters were hung over the campus buildings to inform students about the event. 

Students, teachers, staff and people from outside the university joined in the National Day celebration.

Security staff ensured that everyone wore masks and followed the COVID-19 protocols.