Ajman restaurant recreates Viking culture


Journalism student Poojaraj Maniyeri reports on the first Viking culinary experience in the UAE.

By Poojaraj Maniyeri

AJMAN – The Viking Restaurant, opened recently in late November, is the only one of its kind in the United Arab Emirates.

The restaurant, which is in Ajman, is based on Viking culture and cuisine and seeks to recreate the “most evocative era,” according to Ivo Cuci, the restaurant manager.

Cuci said that the architecture and interior design of the restaurant, with wooden textures and candle lighting, resembles medieval style. According to staff member Alex Zakalskij, visitors in the restaurant “feel the medieval air” and “start moving to medieval time.” 

Cuci said that the cutlery and tableware used in the restaurant are made with heavy materials and represent the Viking culture. Cuci added that the clothing of staff members are also based on the Viking era.

The restaurant displays synthetic fur and weaponry, which includes a collection of hunting knives. The restaurant has a live kitchen where visitors can watch the staff preparing the food. 

Cuci said that the restaurant recreated the dishes, including food and drinks, based on Viking history. Cuci added that the “Vikings spent their time travelling” and ate a variety of food. 

The restaurant holds entertainment shows daily, including a live music band and fire shows, except for Tuesdays.