Pop Culture Icons

Image piqsels.com

By Dalal Aweinat

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are two pop culture icons. Both singers are former members of the famous British Boy Band. After the band split in 2015, both singers went on and had their solo careers. Styles currently has over 40.3 million Instagram followers, while Malik has 43 million. As of November 2021, Styles has a total of 2 albums and Malik has 3. Both singers have won awards in the past, Malik has won 16 awards compared to Styles who has won 42. Styles is ahead of Malik in streams on Spotify as Styles has 7.5 billion streams while Malik has 700 million. Malik’s music falls into the dance electronic and pop genre and Styles’ music is more rock and pop. Styles has had 2 world tours compared to Malik who has not toured at all. Both singers have been nominated for many awards but Styles has a total of 119 nominations while Malik has 38 only.