Photography Club to donate money raised at Ramadan event

The Photography Club's Ramadan-themed photo booth during the April 20 event at the AUS Student Center (MALIKA KALOO PHOTO)

By Malika Kaloo

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The Photography Club at American University of Sharjah will donate the money collected at their Ramadan-themed photo booth during an April 20 Ramadan night event at the AUS Student Center.

Rahma Ali, the president of the Photography Club, said that depending on the amount of money raised, the club will decide where to donate the money for charity. 

“In the beginning,” Ali said, “to be honest, we were really worried because people are usually attracted to free things and this being a charity, event we thought we will not raise any money. But, people came to the booth, took pictures and really enjoyed it.”

“We were thinking of doing an event at the Photography Club,” she added. “We knew it had to involve taking pictures so we decided to do a photo booth and since it is Ramadan, we thought that it is a huge Iftaar event and an opportunity for us to go ahead with our plan.” 

Mahmood Amr, the treasurer of the Photography Club, said, “We spent the budget acquired mainly on film for the cameras, accessories and Ramadan decorations.”

He added that it took the club approximately two hours to set up the photobooth. 

“I really enjoyed the event and handling the photo booth. We had a lot of people coming, all for a good cause which made everyone happy at the end of the day,” said Haidy Abdelazim, a club member.