CAS Prepares for Tournament in October

Associate Dean Dr. Ahmad Al-Issa discusses the Battle of the Colleges Sports Tournament.

By Salma Ghalwash

Sharjah, UAE: The Battle of the Colleges Sports Tournament is an opportunity for students to exercise, socialize and showcase talent, said the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences on Oct. 17.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Issa hopes that the on-campus event will encourage American University of Sharjah students to be more physically active and improve their well-being, especially post COVID-19 restrictions.

“Participation in this event will also strengthen students’ sense of belonging to the institution as well as to CAS,” said Al-Issa, during an interview in his office.

Al-Issa said the CAS organization team includes himself, Professor Mujo Mesanovic and two students, Tala Terro and Jad Jabbour. They assembled sports teams, assigned team managers  and started preparation for the tournament, while the CAS student team and the associate dean’s office advertised the event.

Terro said that both women’s and men’s teams from each college and school will participate in matches at the university’s sports facilities between Oct. 31 and Nov. 10.

She highlighted that students would have the chance to “bond with their professors outside of classes,” as faculty, staff and alumni will participate as well.

According to Al-Issa, over 150 CAS students, faculty and staff members have expressed interest, including himself. He said he enjoyed playing in the last tournament in 2020 and will participate in the table tennis team.

“The spirits are very high and CAS students are ready,” Al-Issa said.

Tala Terro stands in front of the Sports Complex. She gathered teams for the Battle of the Colleges Sports Tournament.