Students praise Carnival organizers

AUS: AUS students enjoy the "Alice in Wonderland" themed carnival. The event was held on Oct. 18.

By Mariam J. Massarweh

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah students praised carnival organizers on their effort in an interview on Oct. 18. 

“The organizers put in all their effort into this. They did an amazing job bringing all the clubs together and getting the sponsors on board. This carnival was a great success,” said Maryam Ansari, an Emirati Cultural Club member and carnival organizer.

According to Ansari, the AUS carnival is a themed event, which traditionally occurs in the fall semester of each year over the course of two days. She said this year’s carnival theme was “Alice in Wonderland” and included performances, fun activities and sponsors like Laffah, HERE-O Donuts and NOT a SPACE.

Ansari said that the previous carnival was held during the 2022 spring semester due to COVID-19 restrictions and had “Monopoly” as a theme.

“Since I joined AUS this past spring, I thought the carnival was a spring event. Now that I know it’s a fall event, I think of it as a warm welcome to the freshman,” said Sarah Al Shehhi, an AUS freshman.

She added that all aspects of the carnival were enjoyable. She said she could tell it took much hard work went into organizing the event and it paid off.