AUS students paint to ease stress before finals

Azza Mukhtar facilitated the preparation process for the painting event.

By Salma Ghalwash

Sharjah, UAE: Students painted canvases before finals in an event hosted by the Sudanese Cultural Club at the American University of Sharjah’s gazebo area, on Nov. 30.

Yusr Mohamed, the Vice President of the Sudanese Cultural Club explained that the “Paint and Sip” event combined painting as a therapeutic activity with traditional Sudanese drinks.

“Painting in a group environment helps people detach from the stress at a time of projects and finals,” said Mohamed during an interview. “But students also get to try a little taste of the Sudanese culture through sharing drinks.”

The Activities Coordinator of the club, Azza Mukhtar, highlighted that the most requested drink was a cold hibiscus tea called “karkade.” Club members served other drinks made from native plants like the baobab fruit, she said.

“These drinks are very traditional, familiar flavors that we have in Sudan,” Mohamed said. She said the outdoor seating area had floral decorations to match the hibiscus theme of the drinks.

“This was the first time we hosted the event,” Mukhtar said. She added that the idea of painting canvases arose from club members sharing a common interest in art.

According to Mohamed, group activities, like painting, bring people and the Sudanese community at AUS together. Mohamed hoped that all students and those who felt far away from home, like herself, could integrate with others who share a similar culture.

Yusr Mohamed sets up canvases, brushes and other art supplies at the university’s gazebo