ECC hosts National Day post COVID-19

Laila Alhashmi, an international studies major, is an active student at AUS and EEC.

By Maryam Ansari 

Sharjah, UAE: American University of Sharjah students and members of the Emirati Cultural Club held the 51st National Day post COVID-19 on Nov. 29.

“Preparing for National Day is very stressful since this event has very high expectations. It is the first event post covid, so people are expecting a lot and we need to meet those expectations,” said Laila Alhashmi, internal media coordinator of ECC.

“We are going to see everyone’s faces without the mask. Makes me remember how life was before Covid-19, which gives me a sense of comfort,” said Alhashmi.

ECC members contacted several organizations to get sponsors and vendors. Kiosks served different types of food during the event. IN addition, an Emirati woman applied henna for free.

Alhashmi said that the event is also very exciting because it was the first event they are going to have after COVID-19 with no restrictions. 

“Celebrating National Day gives me a chance to showcase my country’s potential, which was limited because of COVID-19,” said Hoor Al Ansaari, executive assistant of ECC.