The Insider club celebrates National Day

Al Qatami is securing the traditional gold headpiece onto Rawan Hamed’s head.

By Dua’a Nael Al-Saleh

Sharjah, UAE: The co-founders of The Insider club, Mona Al Qatami and Alyazia Al Shamsi, said in an interview on Nov. 30 that they directed a short video that showcased the traditional celebrations on National Day. 

“The National Day short video encapsulated the traditional Emirati culture in 1971 when the Emirati locals first heard about the union between the emirates on the 2nd of December 1971,” said Al Qatami.

The short video focused on the radio announcement that was aired with the words of the late president Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. 

“The video also showcased the traditional clothing and activities of the Emirati culture by showing the actors celebrating the National Day,” said Al Shamsi. 

Al Shamsi said that the actors were all AUS students and had to undergo an extensive casting process. 

Al Shamsi and Al Qatami originally worked for the Office of Student Affairs. 

“The Office of Student Affairs saw our potential and decided to act as our advisors to allow us to start The Insider club,” said Al Qatami.

AUS students Shahd Ahmad and Rawan Hamed were chosen during the casting process to act in the National Day video.