Ripe Market becomes winter gathering hub


By Hala Nasar

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A community-led outdoor market featuring local startups in the UAE/AP style has become a winter gathering hub at Academy Park every Saturday and Sunday.

The Ripe Market offers a platform for small and medium enterprises. known as SME, and home-grown businesses in the UAE to expand their customer base and sell their products.

“It’s a very family friendly space and my daughter and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere and the vibes are my favorite thing about it,” said Ivana Dajani, a first-time visitor of the Ripe Market.

The Ripe Market offers activities for children, live music, and restaurants for people to enjoy while exploring several emerging SME businesses.

The Ripe Market offers a family-friendly environment for visitors.

Owner of Clarabelle and Indian expat Teenu Rony became a regular at the Ripe Market nine years ago when she had a baby and wanted to buy all organic products. She hoped she would start her own business one day. 

“I finally started my seasonal business of making Christmas decorations four months ago. The Ripe Market has helped me reach more people,” Rony said. “Christmas is always nice, so to be able to share it with people in this way is very special,” she added. 

During the holiday season, the Ripe Market offers a festive experience for its visitors by playing Christmas music throughout the day and bringing in Santa Claus and presents for children.

A variety of the businesses offer workshops and activities to customers alongside introducing them to their products and services.

“I started working in crystals 10 years ago and I’ve opened my business after my friends saw what I wore and asked me to make jewelry for them,” said Nina Doina, Owner of B.E. Jewel. 

Doina has been participating in the Ripe Market for two years, which allowed her to meet new people in her industry. “I really like to talk about crystals, being around them brings me joy and I’m so confident that they could benefit others too,” she added.

The market runs weekly in multiple locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.